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Vadim Schneider


Vadim Schneider (March 10, 1986 - September 8, 2003) was a charming and smiling young French-Canadian actor. He made various theater, and voice work. He started in the tv show '15/Love' as Sebastien Dubé, a french young tennis player, in a tennis academy.

Vadim Schneider was born in Paris, France and moved to Montreal, Canada when he was ten years old. He was the first son of Jean Paul, a notable actor, and Isabelle Schneider. He had four younger brothers: Niels, Volodia, Aliocha and Vassili. He was an exemplary student of Jean de Brebouf College. He also sang and played guitar. He starred on the dramatic television series, 15/Love. He was also known for his various theater and voice work.

On September 8th 2003, after 2 months on the set, he was driven on the road to his work, along with his friend and co-star Jaclyn Linetsky, when the driver lost control of the mini van and crash into a tractor trailer. The driver survive and the young promising stars died instantly. Jaclyn and Vadim were only 17.


Vadim was an incredible person.
~Meaghan Rath

He looked like a prince and like a tennis player too. He was an handsom boy, wonderful.
~Karen Troubetzkoy

You will never meet a child as happy as Vadim was.
~Paolo Barzman

He appreciated every day that went by. His contagious smile, his words full of serenity and optimism. I couldn’t desire a better friend. You’re a hero. You enriched our lives and I had the privilege to have known you. I love you, Vadim, my best friend.
~Meaghan Rath

He had four smaller brothers and he was a hero to all of them, the big brother.
~Max Walker

And in the moment his voice was heard the people around him stopped whatever they were doing, even important, just to listen to that magnificent voice.
~Meaghan Rath

The thing I admired most in Vadim was the unlimited love he had for life. Every time he listened to music he elevated himself to a new life, he took possession of every note and sang intensely.
~Meaghan Rath

He had a big charisma and always was a big worker.